Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Counting Down to Thanksgiving

Halloween went off without any major problems. The boys dressed up like the Lone Ranger and a dog. Fun, no frills, wearable costumes. Much like those we ad when I was a kid. Nothing store bought and again today the Lone Ranger had breakfast with us and his boots are being worn even over pj's. Candy was sorted and now we are into planning for Thanksgiving. Besides the holiday meal and guest list I am busy trying to fill the Etsy shop and make enough for two big shows coming up in November. My two little guys are pretty good about giving me space to work and are always there to try things on or have a photo session. It is always amazing to me how fast all this seems to sneak up on me. The big hats for the season for teens and adults will be the MP#/Ipod hat, beard hat, team hats and the turkeys. As for kids the owls have been very popular and I am reworking the MP#/Ipod hat to fit the littler group.
the side pocket will hold a mp3 player or Ipod and the earbuds fit nicely under the warm earflaps. Great for walkers and joggers, student and walking the dog!
The beard hat has a detachable beard so the hat can be worn alone or with the beard to keep your face warm
kids and adult can support their favorite team in this hat

this turkey is proudly showing off his drumsticks, in sizes from baby to adult 
customers at a walk last fall

turkeys from newborn to adult

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Countdown To Halloween

Thankfully in my little Etsy shop all hats ordered for Halloween have been taken to the post office and been delivered.  Now with a little breathing space I thought I would share a little about how these hats and my shop came about. Up until lateNovember I had a small gift shop in our home town, Montello, Wisconsin.  There I spent my days not s much crocheting but painting. My first assion is painting and as my familyt will tell you I will paint on anything that doesn't move too fast.  As the economy took a turn and the toursit visitors dwindled I decided to close shop and refocus.  In order to have a wide variety of things in the shop I started to crochet, much like my Gram had done for years. People took to the cute hats and hooded sweaters and I found my new niche. Then about two years ago when Carsen was just a little butterball. I made a skunk hat I had seen online and took this photo

He was a huge hit and the sales started flowing in. Everyone just loves our hats, a great costume alternative, I always say....pair these hats with a pair of sweats or a blanket sleeper and your little one or as in my case teenagers will be ready to trick or treat in style.    But let me let you in on a secret. I have been so busy that I DID NOT make hats for our two little guys yet.     
Now Carsen has been adorable as a monster, skunk and ....any hat that needs a photo, but he has his little heart set on being a puppy.  I crochet or work on the computer all the while he will watch ANY movie that has a dog in it! Thank goodness for the dvd player.

All this work done we are knee deep, literally in turkey hat orders, Not just our original turkey but  https://www.facebook.com/GrammasGifts also the new roasted turkey hat. Visit our facebook page for a chance to win a turkey hat of your own, big or small just like this  
I will choose a winner on November 1st so get over there and post your hat size and good luck.
Now this is the latest...fun for Thanksgiving attire or thiosemicarbazide wonderful Turkey runs this time of year.